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In the summer of 2008, Melody and Robbie from Fresh Media set out on their own culinary adventure to find the best burger on PEI. Not surprisingly, the burger they loved the most was proudly made with local Island Beef.

During their tasty journey, they noticed that not every restaurant identified their beef as being from PEI. When they asked servers if the beef was local, many didn't know.

That's when they decided to use Fresh Media's creative talents to develop a campaign celebrating the amazing products we have in our own backyard, and to crown the best burger on the Island.

In 2011, Fresh Media launched PEI Burger Love with 14 restaurants and 5,517 burgers being sold. Over the next eleven campaigns, there have been more than 1.3 million burgers sold, with the sales of just the burgers equalling over $18 million.

Then in February, 2023, Fresh Media announced that PEI Burger Love would be put on hold due to Melody’s ongoing chronic pain condition as the result of two separate car accidents where she was hit from behind while driving. Instead of devoting the time required to run PEI Burger Love, Fresh Media would be shifting focus to their ongoing client projects. It was their hope to have another company take up the helm of the campaign, but when that didn’t happen they took a step back to look at things from another angle.

This led to PEI's favourite foodie event returning as an exclusive fundraising event for Anderson House, the most recent recipient of the Give Back Burger component of PEI Burger Love.

PEI Burger Love remains a month-long celebration of local burgers with Anderson House now taking the lead, presenting the April 2024 event as a charitable fundraiser that will help to support their many community efforts across the Island. Restaurants were not be required to pay registration fees to participate. Instead, restaurants will donate $1 for each of their burgers sold to Anderson House as their commitment with PEI Burger Love.

Anderson House is a provincial emergency shelter offering emergency supports and services for women, trans and non-binary individuals and their children from all areas of Prince Edward Island who are in need of safety because of violence in their lives. They had been the recipient of the Give Back Burger initiative through PEI Burger Love since 2019.

Both Fresh Media and Anderson House are excited to have this legacy event continue to benefit all those involved as well as make our fans' bellies happy again. It's the most delicious way to support local AND do something good at the same time!